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Writing and Reporting the News

Gerald Lanson and Mitchell Stephens


Harcourt Brace 1993.

FIRST EDITION, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1986.

Widely used textbook on newspaper journalism.

Table of Contents



I. The News

1. News Judgment

2. Fairness

3. The Language of News

II. Leads

4. Traditional Leads

5. Other Leads

III. Stories

6. Attribution

7. Quotations

8. Information Selection

9. Organization

10. Background and Context

11. Graphics IV. Reporting Techniques

12. Facts

13. Story Origination

14. Research

15. Sources

16. Interviewing

V. Coverage

17. Obituaries

18. Meetings, Speeches and Press Conferences

19. Government and Politics

20. Police

21. Courts

22. Features

VI. Specialized Coverage

23. Municipal Services

24. Education

25. Business, Labor and the Consumer

26. Science

27. Broadcast Journalism

The Basics

A. Format

B. Style

C. Spelling and Grammar

D. Analogies, Metaphors and Cliches

E. Ethics

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