the rise of the image

the fall of the word

Mitchell Stephens 

Oxford University Press

Table of Contents

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The Reviews:

"A visionary thinker," San Francisco Chronicle.

"Compelling and engaging´┐Ż. It will undoubtedly require skeptics to rethink their prejudice against the power and potential of the moving image," Houston Chronicle.

"Remarkable for [its] depth of research, breadth of thought, intrepid spirit, and provocative conclusions," Hungry Mind Review.

"A fascinating, counterintuitive tour de force," Wilson Quarterly.

"A thoughtful and measured challenge, the kind of...scholarship that helps push us forward," American Journalism Review.

"Fascinating to think about," Library Journal.

"A terrific book...forcefully and brilliantly argue[d]," Hotwired.

"I consider his visionary work to be a great public service," FEED.


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