the rise of the image the fall of the word

Mitchell Stephens

Oxford University Press (to learn more about this book)


Foreword: "A Transistional Period"

1. Introduction: "The Next Room"

Part I. Suspicion of the New

2. "These Traditional Splendors of Letters": Writing and the Power of New Media

3. "Ignorance's Weapons": Print and the Threat of New Media

4. "Shrouded in the Traditional Form": When Media Are Young

Part II. The Magic of Images

5. "By Means of the Visible": A Picture's Worth

6. "Fast Seeing": Photographic Reality

7. "Free...From Human Immobility": Moving Pictures

8. "Multiple Fragments...Assembled Under a New Law": Montage

9. "Gifts of Paralysis": Talking Pictures and Couch Potatoes

Part III. The New Video

10. "A Forced Condensation of Energy": Fast Cutting

11. "Increasingly Complex Media": New Technologies

12. "Complex Seeing": A New Form

13. Thinking "Above the Stream": New Philosophies